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    ... Nixon resigns, the Cold War, the oil embargo, raging inflation, gasoline shortages, Jimmy Carter's imposition of registration for the draft, punk or new wave from Deborah Harry and techno pop to Annie Lenno ...
    Created on 30 November -0001
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    ... medical treatment could be the difference between life and death – so please, don’t ignore or rationalize the signs of a health emergency. Call 911, come to the hospital, and get the help you need. The ...
    Created on 13 May 2020
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    Posted on: March 19, 2020 Temporary Curbside/Carryout Parking Only Signs Please note the "Curbside/Carryout Parking Only" signs throughout town. These signs are to help businesses that onl ...
    Created on 19 March 2020
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    ... City. In no case shall such consent relieve the contractor from his obligations under the contract, nor shall consent change the terms of the contract. If the contractor assigns, transfers, conveys, sublets ...
    Created on 06 January 2020
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    ... signs to be directed around work zones.    BikeNWA is partnering with the City of Siloam Springs and Lane Shift to implement a pilot project consisting of a Neighborhood Greenway that connects ...
    Created on 01 November 2018
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    ... r and present on their designs. This competition tests students oral and written communication skills, as well as problem-solving and team-working skills. The universities’ participati ...
    Created on 12 April 2018
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    ... n Legion Post 29 Annie's Arkie Apparel Art Coop Art Silver Studio/Art in the Valley ATM Global Corp Autumn Exteriors Avery Jane Designs LLC Barbara McMinn Barnett's Dairyette Better Bath of NWA Buffalo R ...
    Created on 04 April 2018
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    ... symptoms do not typically appear until the later stages of the cancer, it’s important to know the potential signs, which include: • Blood in stool • Constipation or diarrhea • Feeling full or bloated ...
    Created on 02 March 2018
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    ... prevented if all men and women ages 50 and older received routine colonoscopy screenings. One of the most important preventive steps is to get a colonoscopy, a screening test to detect any signs of cancer. ...
    Created on 22 July 2017
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        By: Nicholas Robinson, Director of Sports Information June 29, 2017 SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. -- Scott Marksberry, who led the John Brown University men's soccer program for the past ...
    Created on 30 June 2017
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    ... STATE EVENT SPORTSMANSHIP RULES: • Face/Body Painting: General face/body painting is not permitted. Partial face painting is permitted such as small markings on the cheeks. • Posters/Banners/Signs: ...
    Created on 09 May 2017
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    ...  Design Competition, sponsored by Samaritan's Purse International Relief, April 21-23 on JBU's Siloam Springs campus. A panel of judges evaluated the shelter designs for possible implementation in rel ...
    Created on 24 April 2016
  13. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

        John Brown University is hosting the fifth annual Shelter Design Competition, sponsored by Samaritan's Purse. Teams from colleges across the region will build their shelter designs a ...
    Created on 19 April 2016
  14. Category: (Oklahoma News Stories)

    ... ement of any campaign signs inside the 300 feet boundary limit away from the ballot box," reminded Smith. Smith said election law violations sometimes committed accidentally by voters include disclosi ...
    Created on 22 February 2016
  15. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ...  indicate the presence of breast cancer. A mammogram used to check for breast cancer after a lump or other sign or symptom of the disease is called a diagnostic mammogram. Besides a lump, signs of breas ...
    Created on 21 October 2015
  16. Category: (JBU Golden Eagles)

        Beschta Announces 10 Newcomers for 2015-16 Campaign SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. -- Returning only four players from a team that finished 16-15 last season, second-year head men's basketball ...
    Created on 27 July 2015
  17. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... f will host the 4th Annual Disaster Shelter Design Competition April 23-25 on JBU's Siloam Springs campus. Samaritan's Purse will evaluate the shelter designs for possible implementatio ...
    Created on 22 April 2015
  18. Category: (Oklahoma News Stories)

    ...  means to work for or against election of a particular candidate, political party, or issue. “This includes the illegal placement of any campaign signs inside the 300 feet boundary limit away from the ballo ...
    Created on 23 February 2015
  19. Category: (Panthers)

    ... fundraiser coordinators (golf tournament, member drive, field signs, etc) Meeting was adjourned; next group meeting will be scheduled in March.      ...
    Created on 24 January 2015
  20. Category: (Panthers)

    ...  a team (be their local "go-to" contact)   2. Provide items for welcome bags (things kids like/use   3. Place signs welcoming teams (we will provide or make your own! Use your marquee ...
    Created on 16 January 2015