ss panther sports logoPresent: Tiffany Wright-Hess, Mike & Barb Kenney, Stacey Broyles, Richard & Veronica Handcock, Melisa Arellano, Bryan & Stephanie Truitt, Pat Brown, Branson & Nicole Hall, Jeff Sislo, and Brian Burke.

**Brian called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm

Finance Update: Approx $9770 with $3910 in A/P with a net of $5800.Full financials available upon request.

Banquet: January 31st, speaker is Casey Dick, senior memory books are at the Tyson print shop, location is Cypress Barn, $10 per person parents only, Nicole will deliver invitations created by Meghan Kenney, decorating at 10 am (Brian, Nicole/Branson, Mike/Barb, Jeff, Beth/Pat, Veronica, Melisa), ice chests Branson, Jeff heater, Jacob sound equipment, Tiffany flash drive with pics, Branson helmets, Nicole key, Nicole and Brian to work on guest list, Barb/Nicole at entrance table, Jacob servers, Stephanie/Barb will get flyer invitations to seniors.

New Officers: Nominated and approved; Branson/president, Jeff/vice-president, Nicole/treasurer, Julie Chandler/secretary.

Supporting Officers: Broyles/food coordinator, Tiffany/program director, Tiffany/booster barn.

Needed Roles: another Booster Barn member, social media coordinator, fundraiser coordinators (golf tournament, member drive, field signs, etc)

Meeting was adjourned; next group meeting will be scheduled in March.




Bailey Vertical   Mar 2015