Basketball Homecoming Court 2009
Siloam Springs High School - February 6, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to Queen Jessica Berlin and her court:

Sophomore maid Miss Carrie Henderson, daughter of Jamie and Jackie Henderson, escorted by band representative Max Vanlandingham, son of Christine and Chet Wiernusz


Junior maid Miss Hannah Allison, daughter of Kelly and John Allison, escorted by swimming representative Holden Graves, son of Beth and David Graves


Junior maid Miss Kelsey Fraizer, daughter of Lisa Young and Denton Fraizer, escorted by #13, forward Nick Brill, son of Leigh Brill


Junior maid Miss Rachel Hill, daughter of Laura and Chad Hill, escorted by soccer representative Stewart Zimmerman, son of Susan and Charles Zimmerman


Senior maid Miss Brittany Ashby, daughter of Tammy and Beau Ashby, escorted by #35, guard Jimmy Aguirre, son of Sandra and Carlos Aguirre


Senior maid , #35 and playing post, Miss Caitlin Cleek, daughter of Cindy and Keith Lyons and Malissa and Don Cleek, escorted by #2, forward Ryan Berry, son of Marla Strickland and Keith Berry


Senior maid Miss Martha Gardner, daughter of Catherine and Steve Gardner, escorted by baseball representative, Brent Houston, son of Nena and Michael Houston


Senior maid Miss Elizabeth Juran, daughter of Tammy and Mark Juran, escorted by cross country representative Ashton Lamb, son of Debbie and Brian Lamb


Senior maid Miss Bethany McFerron, daughter of Donna and George McFerron, escorted by golf representative Matt Johnson, son of Leann and Steven Johnson


Senior maid Miss Jessica Mitchell, daughter of Danielle and John Mitchell, escorted by #42, guard Chase Sebren, son of Renee Myers and Doug Guild


Senior maid Miss Kayla Pierson, daughter of Pam and David Pierson, escorted by tennis representative Anthony Saegert, son of Gayla and Mike Saegert



This year's mascots are Miss Mia Hevener, the daughter of Cammi and Al Hevener, and Miles Perkins, the son of Brandi andPhil Perkins .


*****The 2009 Basketball Homecoming Queen is escorted by #3, shooting guard, basketball co-captain Ryan Ostrander, the son of Lonnie and Rick Ostrander, and basketball co-captain wearing #10 and playing guard, Coleson Rakestraw, the son of Jan and PD Rakestraw.


******The 2009 Basketball Homecoming Queen, wearing #14 and playing guard, and the daughter of Pam and Paul Berlin, is Miss Jessica Berlin.



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