January 2, 2018
Siloam Springs Museum

siloam springs museum logoThe Siloam Springs Museum board of directors and staff are pleased to announce the recent approval of $371,000 in funding from the City of Siloam Springs to renovate our current museum location, expanding our ability to provide class room interaction, rotate exhibits and upgrade all areas of the current structure. Funding was made available from the remaining proceeds from the sale of the old Siloam Springs Hospital and not from tax dollars.

Efforts began early in 2017 when we announced we would not be relocating to the old Post Office but would remain on N. Maxwell Street. The board met with city officials and then contracted with local architect Matt Pearson to provide a design for the proposed renovation. Many were able to see the proposed design at our Walls Talk Event earlier this year held at the home of Gloria McEnroe.

We presented two workshops before members of the Siloam Springs board of directors along with a proposed budget for the renovation and at the December meeting the city administrator, mayor and board approved funding in the annual city budget.

A review of the building is currently underway with a structural engineer and our architect. They will present a report to the city on the viability of our current plan to add a second-floor space. Following that report, the city will approve hiring a construction manager and review bids. We anticipate that in March artifacts will be relocated and renovation will begin.

We have received approval from the board of the First United Methodist Church to store our artifacts and collection in the old sanctuary and former Sager Creek Arts Center. We especially thank Rev. Clark Atkins and the congregation for their support. We anticipate the closing of the museum to last approximately 6 months.

During that time, we will have mobile exhibits we can bring to the schools, events and the community. We are also seeking a couple of locations for onsite temporary exhibits during the time we are closed.

This effort has truly been a collaboration between the city of Siloam Springs, its leaders, our board and members to continue our preservation of artifacts and expand our community outreach.

We appreciate the commitment to our mission to preserve the past, record the present, and provide perspective for the future through the collection and exhibition of objects of scientific, historical, and artistic value and by research and publication, particularly as they relate to Siloam Springs and its surrounding communities. For more information about the museum, please call (479) 524-4011 Tuesday through Saturday, visit or please find and like us on Facebook.



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