Many times physicians use diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the source of medical problems with their patients and determine the best course of treatment. One of these diagnostic imaging resources is the Computed tomography (CT) scan. Sometimes referred to as a CAT scan, it consists of special x-ray equipment to help detect a variety of diseases and conditions. CT scanning is fast, painless, noninvasive and accurate. In emergency cases, it can reveal internal injuries and bleeding quickly enough to help save lives. With a focus on patient safety, Siloam Springs Regional Hospital’s imaging department recently upgraded its current CT imaging equipment to a Toshiba VeloCT console.

CT upgrade 6.10.16

“This upgrade offers our patients and physicians the highest levels of image quality with new technologies at a reduced radiation dose,” said Radiology Director Jeff Copeland. “This will increase our detector speed from a 64 to a 128 slice scanner. The upgrade is designed to lower radiation, make exams more comfortable and safer for patients as well as provide physicians with the information required for diagnosis.”

 The console includes dose reduction technology and dose management tools making it safer for patients. And, it offers new hardware that produces faster exams.

“This results in increased workflow and enables us to bring high quality imaging studies toSSRH LOGO our community at the lowest radiation doses possible,” Copeland said.

“It’s important that our clinicians have the ability to provide fast and accurate diagnoses while reducing radiation doses,” said Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kerrwood. “By investing in the multi-detector CT system, Siloam Springs Regional Hospital can provide the community with improved CT solutions, resulting in better patient care.”



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