• National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
    This site provides information NAAAA's Older Driver Safety Project that is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It also has a brochure about community-based approaches to promoting older driver safety.
  • National Older Driver Research and Training Center
    This site has research, education and service initiatives data for the older drivers and drivers with disabilities.
  • National Resource Center for Safe Aging
    This site has a lot of information on the older driver safety and mobility. Searching for keywords like "older drivers", "senior drivers" etc pulls up tons of useful information.
  • National Transportation Library
    This site has a database of transportation related reports and articles, and it provides a search facility to browse the database. For best results on senior driver reports and articles search for keywords "Senior Drivers".
  • Older Road Users - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    This site has lots of information on older drivers including research studies, booklets, materials, articles, etc.
  • RIP (Research in Progress) Database - TRB
    This site provides a database of ongoing research projects in different States, which is constantly upsated by the State Transportation Departments, , alongwith other studies, publications and materials, and Strategic Highway Research Programs for the older drivers. Keyword searches for "Older+Driver" and "Senior+Driver" pull some very useful information relevant for the researchers.
  • Senior Driver Tools and Resources
    This site has a lot of information on older driver mobility and also AAA's new computer-based screening tool " Roadwise Review" that allows seniors to check key mental physical abilities required for driving.
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