SSHS Sports

soccer foot on ballThe Lady Panthers and Panthers both play in Panther Stadium on Friday, May 12th. The girls play at 10:00am and the boys play right after at 12:00pm. High School students who wish to attend both games will be allowed to check out at the end of 1st period (9:30am).

To receive a “School Activity” absence for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods students MUST….
• have a “C” or better in the classes missed...If the student does NOT have a “C” or better, then they will NOT receive an Excused absence
• bring a parent note giving them permission attend the games
by end of school day on Thursday, May 11th
• purchase a ticket on Thursday, May 11th during lunch
• present the ticket at the attendance office when checking out on Friday, May 12th

Tickets cost $6 per person (NO local passes are accepted at AAA events) and if a student leaves the stadium, they will have to purchase another ticket to re-enter.


• Face/Body Painting: General face/body painting is not permitted. Partial face painting is permitted such as small markings on the cheeks.
• Posters/Banners/Signs: All signs must show only positive support. Those which direct negative comments towards opponents or are
unsportsmanlike or vulgar are not permitted. No handheld signs, banners, pennants, or poms are permitted at any AAA state play-off or championship event. Poms are allowed at outdoor events.
• Artificial Noisemakers: Artificial noisemakers shall not be used at any indoor event. Artificial noisemakers are items such as, but not limited to, megaphones, air horns, bells, whistles, clickers, thunder sticks, explosive devices, tape/CD players, and radios. Noisemakers that require an external power source are not allowed at benefit games, regular season events, and post-season events.
• Balloons: Balloons are not permitted at any AAA state play-off or championship event.
• Attire: Bare chests are not permitted. Shirts must be worn.
• Inappropriate Behaviors: Throwing objects onto the playing area before, during, or after a contest is not permitted. At no time before, during, or after a contest shall spectators be permitted to enter the playing field. Verbal harassment or derogatory remarks directed toward an opponent or official are not permitted. Spectators are not permitted to hold up newspapers while teams are being introduced or when teams, cheerleaders, or dance teams are performing.



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