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Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for! Spring has sprung and summer is moving in!

I know I keep promising not to wait so long, but things just happen. I got so much going on and did not realize it's been over a month since my last blog post. So here we go...

If you remember, from the winter-sow reveal, my tomatoes were about 3 inches tall. By the 1st of May they tripled in size and more than ready to go into the ground.

IMG 20190519 161722 002

So I have them everywhere, but that can't be a bad thing, can it? I have built three new arc trellises and I have planted some Asian vegetables called bitter melon at the base of them as well as watermelon.

IMG 20190519 161428 002

Right now they are short but soon, they will climb and cover the trellises. That will be a nice picture for another time.

All of my basil came up but suffered and had trouble growing. I think I got excited and should have left them covered a little longer. Lesson learned. They were still plantable and will grow bigger soon. I have lemon basil around the melons. I put tiny Thai basil in some containers. In the meantime,

IMG 20190519 161533 002

Lowe's had some good red and sweet basil that did the trick...Hi Mary Jane!

Here we see beets flanked by young cucumber and peas...and this plot of lettuce and cilantro around the fig is just plain pretty.

IMG 20190519 161520 002

I planted a ring of Chinese white celery just inside the cilantro, so I'm hoping it will continue to grow after the cilantro is gone...which won't be long. And speaking of figs, all three are leafing out and I have high hopes of figs to come.

Hidden in the potatoes patch, we have egg plants!

IMG 20190519 161557 002

I did not plants these, but I think somebody snuck in during the night while I was sleeping. Hehehe....

In other news, Petri the duck has decided the young ducklings are mighty fine and happy as a clam...seeing him waddle along with them is a lot like watching your small child toddle off to school with the other kids.

IMG 20190505 153348 01 002

He gets cranky, though, when he's bathing and the other ducks want to join him. So they have learned to stay away.

Meeka the dog is weening the pups. Five have gone, Im keeping 2, and these 2 need a home.

(IMG 20190519 162234 002

And at the bargain price of $20, who could resist? This will be Meeka's last litter so get 'em while they're cute!

The next and hopefully final garden project to tackle is the tire pond.

IMG 20190519 161355 002

I have 30 small goldfish ready to go out but am waiting for the plants. I ordered Water chestnut corms to go in containers in the pond with the fish. Their symbiotic relationship should begin in few weeks...plants make oxygen for the fish, fish poop for the plants, I mean, what more could you want in a pal, right? It's a new venture that I am excited to try.

And speaking of new ventures I'm excited to try, take a look at this!

IMG 20190519 162408 002

Yup! 30 eggs in a spanking new incubator. If I'm doing it right, we should have peepers about June 4th. I have a mix of all my birds in here so I will get a little of everything. My experience tells me that most likely, half will be roosters, so even if I get only 15 hens out of the deal, I'll be ahead. Then in the fall, I can butcher the males for winter. Heck! I might even toss in another batch of eggs after these are hatched!

So there you have it! I am also doing some remodeling in the house that's really not worth mentioning, but it is part of why I'm late with the blog...and I work 3 days a week...but other than that, I have all the time in the world! I certainly have plenty of things to share and the next blog will show some harvesting and chick hatch, so stick around! It's fixing to get dicey! 

Jill Barlow


Future articles will include information about gardening, meat birds, egg birds, photos and lots of project ideas.

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