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We Pause Now For Intermission

I apologize for the lull folks. I'm kind of in limbo waiting for chicks to grow and seeds to sprout.

I got my 2nd round of chicks ten days ago and my first round of chicks are still not 

IMG 20180824 113005


yet big enough to go out on grass. Actually they are but some are smaller and can easily escape thru the wire fencing. I really need to wait until the middle of next week to make the change. By then the newest babies will be ready to go to the chickpen.

The garden is slowing down which makes me pause and reflect on the year's progress and failures, as well as what to do next year. I will not bore you with the details...yet..., but please know the wheels are turning and I'm working on my fall garden plans as well as next year's garden AND a "new venture in food independence". I'm having to condense all I want to share and that's not easy. So here are some highlights of the summer.

Peppers have done really well but tomatoes, not so much. No need to show a pick of dying plants. However...

IMG 20180824 113530

Basil is fun and beautiful to grow. I have a customer who buys from me on occasion. I would like to expand that someday.

IMG 20180824 113550

Sweet potatoes growing out of buckets. More on that this fall.

IMG 20180824 113934

Acorn squash planted late. More on that one as well!


Monarch and the garlic chives is proof that summer is nearing an end. Regular chives bloom in spring with little purple globes, but garlic chives are quite different and bloom in August. The Monarch is passing through on his way to Mexico. Via con dios Mariposa!

Petri...Yes that is a duck! Didn't know I had a duck did you?

IMG 20180824 113146

Well, officially, I don't. Lol His name is Petri and he belongs to my lovely daughter-in-law Emily. She and my son moved to a home with a very small yard so I'm taking him in for a while. He's pretty cool and makes me want to add ducks to my flock next year. (There's a future blog post in there somewhere).

IMG 20180824 112403


Flowers abound and bring with them bees, butterflies and other critters always fun to have in the garden. Fun and very necessary. All the flowers are responsible for that!


The food crops are waning now but I am noticing that my beds are being depleted. So before the cold sets in, I plan to get a few loads of compost to top off all the beds and probably even mix in some chicken manure to boot. By spring, the beds should be rich and ready to go so stay tuned!


Jill Barlow


Future articles will include information about gardening, meat birds, egg birds, photos and lots of project ideas.

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