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More Chicks, Apple Trees & Mushrooms

I received my 3rd and final box of chicks on the 19th and the arrived as expected, healthy and peeping away! They are the first "flock" to try out the TV cabinet.




It was touch go for a few days because the heat bulb I'm using is almost too warm. I'm not worried about roasting the chicks because they can get away from the heat. But I don't want to burn down the shed. I made adjustments and they are doing well!

As for the birds in the outdoor pen, my red and white roosters are growing and will be ready for harvest in a couple weeks.



The Cornish Cross, also known as C-Monsters by me, should be ready to out on the grass in 2 weeks and then the last batch can go into the chickpen.

Yesterday I planted 2 apple trees, one Gala and one McIntosh. I have plans to get a Granny Smith to complete the ensemble. It's hard to see them here, but you can see the chickens gathered around the loose dirt.


They stand around stomping their feet anytime I get to dig in the dirt and they want to join in. The space where I planted them was a section of the chicken run that they did not use. I think because it is so open, they don't feel safe to scratch around there. So by planting the apples there, it fixes 2 issues: I get fruit without sacrificing garden space, as well as cover for the birds to feel secure. Just a few small trees can make it difficult for a hawk or owl to swoop down and carry off a hen. And for that matter, I could put some fruit trees in the meat pen as well. Hey! I think I will do that! Cherries maybe??

In other news, Petri the duck just became a chicken.


His faithful dog companion, Meeka, is now allowed to run around and be a dog and only visits him when she finds time. So I moved his food, water and pool into the run. I sifted and fluffed the sand inside the henhouse and spread it all around fresh and like new. I even made a box for him to sleep in with hay. Now I just need to get some female ducks and we will just be one big happy family!

I'm still working on the mushroom experiment and want to get through it before documenting my experience here. Either way, I will be back with that in a few weeks. Until then, I'm going to enjoy this nice fall weather God had blessed us with. We have had enough rain this summer that I'm expecting a lot of beautiful fall leaves in our future.

Later peeps!

Jill Barlow


Future articles will include information about gardening, meat birds, egg birds, photos and lots of project ideas.

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