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News Release

snow plowStreet crews began treating roads at 9:00 p.m. last night and worked throughout the night.

Here's an update on street conditions:
• Crews continue to plow, brine and salt/sand. We recommend people staying off the roads unless it's an emergency.
• Main roads were plowed last night, but are beginning to re-freeze.
• Secondary and tertiary roads are quite hazardous.
• Additionally, crews will focus on PRIMARY ROADS FIRST and then move to secondary roads. Third-tier roads will be treated when time allows.

Siloam Springs Public Safety (Police and Fire) ask that drivers show extra caution. Please only get on the roads if it's absolutely necessary.
DRIVE SLOWLY, wear your seat belts and allow extra space between you and other cars.

Below are the operating procedures for snow and ice removal on City streets. Please view this list as "top to bottom importance".

1. Responsibilities: The Public Service Manager and the Street Superintendent will be responsible for adherence to this policy. The Public Service Manager will be responsible to discipline any employee who fails to follow this policy.

2. Policy:
A. As soon as practicable, upon receiving news of an imminent winter storm, all appropriate equipment shall be brought to a ready state, including, as necessary, moving items into strategic locations.
B. As soon as practicable, upon receiving news of an imminent winter storm, staff will begin pre-treatment of bridges & hills with the brine sprayer.
C. Upon receiving a call-out from police dispatch, staff will notify dispatch that the call-out was received and that the staff member is proceeding to his assigned work station as soon as possible.
D. Upon receiving a call-out from police dispatch, staff will begin snow/ice removal at the location referenced in the call-out, then proceed with snow/ice removal along the streets listed below, according to the assigned priority. The priorities may be changed with approval from the Chief of Police and the Public Services Manager.
E. As soon as practicable, upon receiving new or evidence of an unusually large winter storm, the City shall contact Ground Zero and any other local motor-grade contractors available in order to secure their assistance with snow/ice removal throughout the City.

3. Snow/Ice Removal Priority Streets:
Primary Sand & Brine Application Areas

1. Mt. Olive hills and bridge
2. University hill by JBU
3. E. Main hill and bridge
4. Dogwood hill and bridge
5. 412 overpass
6. Hico hill and bridge
7. E. Tahlequah hill and bridge
8. Broadway hill
9. Washington hill
10. Maxwell hill
11. Two hills in Country Acres
12. Lincoln overpass

Primary Sand & Brine Application Areas (Continued)

1. Mt. Olive and Cheri Whitlock
2. Mt. Olive and Tahlequah
3. Mt. Olive and University
4. Mt. Olive and Jefferson
5. Mt. Olive and Tulsa
6. Mt. Olive and 412
7. Mt. Olive and Kenwood
8. Mt. Olive and Twin Springs
9. E. Main and Broadway
10. E. Main and University
11. Broadway and Alpine
12. Main and Maxwell
13. Main and Hico
14. Main and Lincoln
15. Main and 412
16. Cheri Whitlock and Britt
17. Cheri Whitlock and Hico
18. Cheri Whitlock and Lincoln
19. Cheri Whitlock and Dogwood
20. Cheri Whitlock and Carl
21. Cheri Whitlock and Country Club
22. Cheri Whitlock and Progress
23. Ravenwood Blvd and Ravenwood Plaza
24. Ravenwood Blvd and E. Main
25. Ravenwood Plaza and Progress
26. Ravenwood Plaza and E. Main
27. Holly and University
28. Holly and Jefferson
29. Holly and Tulsa
30. Holly and 412
31. 412 and Carl
32. 412 and Elm
33. 412 and Washington
34. Carl and 43
35. Carl and Cheri Whitlock
36. Carl and Garland
37. Carl and Elgin
38. Tahlequah and Hico
39. Tahlequah and Lincoln
40. Tahlequah and Country Club
41. Tahlequah and Progress

Primary Snow Removal Routes

1. All of Mt. Olive
2. University
3. Holly, north of 412
4. Tulsa
5. Dogwood, north of 412
6. Tahlequah all the way to Hwy 59
7. E. Main
8. Ravenwood Plaza from E. Main to Progress
9. Progress Ave.
10. Broadway
11. Hico
12. Cheri Whitlock
13. All of Kenwood
14. Jefferson
15. Washington, north of 412

Other Areas Included:

Downtown area
City Hall parking lot
Police & Courts parking lot
All Fire Stations
Library parking lot
Community Building parking lot



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