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Email Outage Update as of 4:00pm ET, December 17th

See new information below on the delivery of queued emails from this weekend and tips on addressing email access errors.
As of 6:30 am ET, access to Cox email has been restored to all customers previously affected by the email outage. All customers should now be able to send and receive email messages.

If you lost access to your email during this outage, we have queued your emails received since Friday.
Messages from this weekend will continue to be delivered gradually over the next several days.
They may not be delivered in chronological order (the order in which they were received).
We currently expect to continue delivering queued emails through Wednesday.
Additionally, you may notice that the Date/Time stamp for these emails in your Inbox reflects when they were delivered to your mailbox after access was restored. The Date/Time the message was originally sent will display in the Read Message view. 

After opening the message, the correct Date/Time will display in the message details.

Tips on accessing your email:
You should be able to login with the same username and password used prior to the outage. If you are having difficulty logging into your email, or receive a "lockout error," you may be able to resolve the problem using the steps below:
All customers - Reset an Account Holder Password Using Internet Tools
Customers using an Apple or Android device may want to reset their device email setup:
Set Up an Android Phone to Send and Receive Email
Set Up an iPhone or iPad to Send and Receive Email
Additional information can be found on Resources for Setting Up Email.

Now that service is restored we are moving forward with replacing email storage platform equipment and implementing measures to prevent a reoccurrence of these issues. We will remain intensely focused on this effort until all queued email messages are successfully delivered. Technical teams continue to be on high alert and monitoring systems closely.

Thank you for your continued patience as we complete this final phase of the restoration process.

Our next scheduled update is Wednesday 12/19. We will post earlier updates if there is any new information to share.

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