Siloam Springs Regional Hospital recently transitioned its Senior Circle chapter from a paid membership program to the free Healthy Community program for all ages. The hospital has sponsored a local chapter of the national Senior Circle Association since 2009. The national organization closed at the end of 2017. 
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“We are excited to be transitioning Senior Circle from a dues-paying organization to free, ongoing health and wellness program open to everyone,” said Patrick Kerrwood, SSRH chief executive officer. “We’ll be incorporating senior-related health events, physician-led talks and screenings into our overall community outreach program, and offer them for free throughout the year.” 
Information about the Siloam Springs Regional Hospital Healthy Community program’s education and community outreach activities are on the hospital’s website at under the “Events” section.
“We’re committed to helping seniors in our community live healthy, active lifestyles, and we will continue to seek opportunities to partner with other local organizations to promote those healthy lifestyles” Kerrwood said. 
For more information about Healthy Community or to sign up for the Healthy Community eNewsletter, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (479) 215-3125.

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