Oct 14 2011
WASHINGTON D.C. – Focusing on Arkansas’s strengths, U.S. Senator Mark Pryor today unveiled a six point plan to create jobs in Arkansas and around the nation.

“Arkansas is well-positioned to lead our nation’s transformation, which is why my 6-point jobs plan builds on our state’s strengths to move our nation forward. It sets the table for job creation by preventing undue regulation, empowering job creators and supporting the American ingenuity that leads to new products and new industries.  It brings our infrastructure up to speed so farmers, manufacturers and businesses can transport goods faster, cheaper and farther in today’s globally competitive marketplace. And my plan further solidifies America’s long-term prosperity by ensuring students and workers are prepared to lead the jobs of the future,” Pryor said.

Pryor’s jobs plan, which includes a number of bipartisan initiatives, is aimed at creating jobs by setting the table for growth, encouraging new products and new industries, investing in infrastructure, maximizing agricultural opportunities, preparing tomorrow’s job-generators to compete (and win) and empowering small business owners to succeed.

Highlights of Senator Pryor’s jobs plan:

Setting the Table for Growth: Lays a stronger foundation for growth by preventing overregulation, expanding trade opportunities and streamlining the tax code. These steps will level the playing field and increase economic certainty for our nation’s job creators.

New Products, New Industries, New Jobs: Encourages early investment in ideas of the future, such as nanotechnology, clean energy and advanced weaponry; development of products to the commercialization level and resources to capture the global market of jobs-rich industries.

Investing in Infrastructure: Calls for modernizing our roads, rails, waterways, runways and broadband to create good-paying jobs in the near-term, and increasing productivity and expanding our exports in the long-term. Major investments in our transportation systems will allow Arkansas to be a regional and national hub for the transshipment of goods.

Maximizing Agricultural Opportunities: We have the raw materials and are developing the technologies and services that are in global demand. Part of the equation is allowing American producers and companies to compete on an even playing field and helping them reach the right people to market products and services overseas. From traditional agricultural products to the emerging industry that employs them, Pryor’s plan will expand markets, increase investment in their development and create jobs.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Job-generators to Compete (and Win):  To gain the upper hand in the 21st Century, today’s students need the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to an evolving workforce. Pryor’s plan encourages partnerships by the private sector and colleges so students are better prepared to participate, innovate and compete the day they graduate. Additionally, the plan builds entrepreneurial skills in the promising fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and provides federal support for business incubators.

Empowering Small Business Owners to Succeed: incorporates several proposals to spur investment in start-up companies, help future job creators finance a small business and provide new resources to help companies export their goods or services abroad. In fact, Forbes Magazine listed one initiative as the #1 bill to stimulate the economy using the tax code.

To view the full jobs plan, click here.


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