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April 8, 2015

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The City of Siloam Springs will switch to once a week automated trash collection Monday, October 5. We need all residential customers to complete a deposit/bin choice form.

***If you want to mail the form back to City Hall, you must put it in an envelope with a stamp and send it to P.O. Box 80, Siloam Springs, AR 72761. ****


The Board approved the switch to once a week automated collection February 3, 2015. Currently, solid waste customers have twice a week collection, which is done manually. Once a week collection will begin October 5, 2015.

Residents received post cards in the mail asking them to choose the size bin they would like and to choose how they would like to pay the $50 deposit. The two bin options are 64- gallon, which fits five full 13-gallon trash bags and 96-gallon, which fits seven full 13-gallon trash bags. If residents choose the 64 gallon container, their rate will remain the same at $15.48 a month. However, if residents choose the 96-gallon bin, their rate will increase to $19.48 per month. Additionally, residents have the opportunity to pay the $50 deposit at once on their bill or in $10 increments over a five month period. If residents do not get their collection choices to the City, they will be given a 64-gallon bin and will pay the $50 deposit in full on their bill. Senior citizens will pay a $25 deposit. Senior rates will remain the same at $6.50.

The days of unlimited bags at the curb have to come to an end in Siloam Springs. Space is running out at the Northwest Arkansas landfill. The land in Northwest Arkansas has a vast cave system, which makes it hard to find suitable space for a landfill that won't negatively affect the caves and contaminate our underground water systems.

Did you know that Siloam Springs is one of the last cities in Arkansas to offer twice-per-week, unlimited bagged trash pickup? This is inefficient and environmentally irresponsible. By allowing residents to throw away limitless bags of trash, we do not encourage recycling. 
There are no plans to cut jobs with the new automated system. Instead, the City will increase their recycling crew and have a designated bagged yard waste pickup each week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will you deliver the roll carts to our house and pick up the old containers?
• Yes, we will deliver them to your homes.
• We will only pick up the containers if they are city property (Pilot Program).

2) If our normal pick-up day is on a holiday or a severe weather day, will we be scheduled for another day?
• Yes, we will move every day forward; Friday is scheduled as a kind of back-up day. (Ex: If you are scheduled for Monday and it is a holiday, then you will be re-scheduled for Tuesday and Tuesday’s regular pick-up day will be shifted to Wednesday and so on and so forth.)

3) Do we have to bag the trash to put it in the carts or can we just put the trash directly in the carts?
• Residents will still need bag their trash before putting it in their roll cart.

4) Will the City still pick up leaves, brush and grass clippings? Can we put these in our carts?
• Yes, the City will pick up leaves, clippings and brush as normal (leaves and clippings once a week and brush once a month).
• No, these items must be separated from your trash.

5) For Senior Citizens, if we would like the 96-gallon cart do we still get a discount?
• No, your rate will increase to $10.50 per month.

6) If the trucks are so much more efficient, why are we still moving to once a week collection?
• We are trying to reduce costs (fuel, workers compensation claims, etc.).
• We are also trying to encourage more recycling.

7) Do the carts come with some sort of tracking device?
• Not exactly. Each cart has a different number and residents are each assigned a specific cart. If a resident’s cart is taken, they will be required to file a police report because it is city property.

8) What is the City doing about having more recyclable items picked up?
• We are currently working with other municipalities to increase the amount of items that we can recycle (developing a system that includes #’s 3-7 as well).

9) What happens during major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas?
• The week after Christmas and Thanksgiving residents can bring their trash to the Transfer Station FREE OF CHARGE. You must be able to prove that you are a resident of the City.

10) Is the City still going to have metal dumpsters?
• Yes, this new collection will not affect dumpsters.

11) If we choose the smaller container and then realize we actually need the larger container and vice versa, can we switch them out?
• Yes, we will let you switch them out for the first year. However, your rate will reflect which size container you have (if you go from the 64-gallon to the 96-gallon container your monthly rate will increase).


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