The Siloam Springs Police Department is seeking information about missing 18-month old daughter Rosemarry Davidson and her 35-year-old mother, Carol Elaine Davidson of Siloam Springs.

carol davidson and baby


Rosemarry and Carol Davidson were last seen in Siloam Springs on Friday, November 11, 2016. The vehicle Carol Davidson was driving has been found but neither baby Rosemarry nor Carol have been located. Anyone with any information pertaining to the location or welfare of baby Rosemarry Davidson or her mother Carol Davidson should contact the tip line established with the Siloam Springs Police Department at (479)524-4118 extension 2220.




  • We are reaching out to hunters in the Lookout Tower Road area to check their game cameras for any footage that may be helpful to this investigation.
  • Personal effects left in the van included a diaper bag, a baby bottle and articles of clothing for both Rosemary and Carol.
  • 1999 Dodge Caravan bearing Arkansas license 012UUU- has been found and searched. The van was found on the shoulder of Lookout Tower Road, east of Siloam Springs. The vehicle was in driving condition. Lookout Tower Road is a dirt road, rugged terrain and is more highly traveled at this time of the year because of hunting season.
  • Search and rescue is ongoing- K9 and air support included. No timeline as to how long search will continue at this time.
  • According to the family, Carol stays in regular contact. This behavior is out of the ordinary.
  • We are putting every effort toward finding baby Rosemarry and mother Carol- Arkansas State Police, Benton County Sheriff Office, Benton and Washington County Departments of Emergency Management, FBI, US Marshal Service and additional resources.
  • Circumstances of baby Rosemarry and her mother Carol Davidson missing is unknown.
  • Reported to Siloam Springs Police on Monday, November 14- and we proceeded to issue what we call a Welfare BOLO.
  • Tuesday, November 12 a missing persons' report was officially filed with SSPD.
  • On Tuesday, received information from the public that allowed us to locate the vehicle. The van was found by a hunter in the area of Lookout Tower Road east of Siloam Springs.
  • Have obtained a search warrant for the residence and that search is ongoing.
  • No criminal history with Siloam Springs Police.

PUBLIC TIPLINE IS 479-524-4118 extension 2220
(FOR MEDIA ONLY) PIO Contact is Holland Hayden 479-799-4660



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