Friendship Community Care Acquires 

Siloam Springs Children's Center


Press Release:  August, 2016

Effective August 2016, the Siloam Springs Children's Center will be acquired and managed by Friendship Community Care, Inc.   Angela Traweek, Friendship's Chief Operating Officer, recently released this statement to the Siloam Springs community:

"After careful consideration, and with the community's best interest at heart, Friendship Community Care has made an offer to acquire the Siloam Springs Children's Center.

Our team has been working closely with the Children's Center's operating Board of Directors, and together the decision was made to merge the Children's Center into the Friendship Community Care family --both to ensure the financial security of the Children Center's employees, as well as assure each child and family served by the Center continues to receive quality care."

As with all change, minor adjustments will be made in how the Children's Center and Friendship Pediatric Services conduct business within the months ahead.    Friendship Community Care, Inc. will operate and manage as the parent company.  All staff members within both facilities will remain in their current positions, and all children will continue to receive services at their respective locations without any alterations to their daily routine. Friendship Pediatric Services will eventually -- as renovation budget allows -- be fully housed out of the current Children's Center location, where both teams will unite under one roof with the name 'Friendship Pediatric Services.'

Friendship Community Care, Inc. has operated services to both children and adults for over four decades (1972).  Currently providing an array of services in 47 of the 75 counties in Arkansas, Friendship is known as a premiere provider and has pediatric facilities in Siloam Springs, Lowell, West Fork, Russellville, Marshall, Pottsville, Danville, and Bryant.  Services currently offered in Siloam Springs include complimentary Developmental Screenings, Therapeutic Preschool placement, Arkansas Better Chance placement, at-home Therapy options and waiver support, Developmental Day Treatment placement, and Community Employment placement. Friendship Community Care, Inc. is CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited and was voted Arkansas Business Non-Profit of the Year in 2009. 

Friendship Community Care, Inc. has also invested in a new Day Treatment program for adults 18+ who are diagnosed with a disability, located in the heart of downtown Siloam Springs. The Day Treatment location also offers Community Employment opportunities through Job Path, a program created by Friendship Community Care to empower adults with disability who want to work.

"It is our sincere joy to ensure that each child served by the Siloam Springs Children's Center will continue to receive quality care for years to come, and we are excited to transition our new Children's Center team members into the FCC family." said Traweek. "It is our mission to provide a true life-cycle of care for children and adults navigating life with a disability as well as typically developing children.  Acquiring the Siloam Springs Children's Center and providing Day Treatment and Community Employment opportunities is a direct effort on our part to enhance the offerings for families within the greater Siloam Springs area who are in need of these services."

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