ATLANTA, Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cox creates millions of moments of human connections every day and will focus more on what makes these connections so powerful and unique. To emphasize this shift, the company is launching new advertising, a new logo with a warmer look and feel, and a tagline of "bringing us closer."

Cox's new logo and tagline of "bringing us closer" will start to appear in advertising and customer communications starting Nov. 15.

"Our society is more connected to technology than ever before, but, in many cases, connectivity has replaced real human connection," said Mark Greatrex, executive vice president, chief marketing and sales officer. "We want to help customers think more about how they connect and create more meaningful moments that make life magical."

Even more important than the new logo and tagline is the intention behind it: to help people create more moments of genuine human connection. Cox will do its part by investing in the network that physically connects people, simplifying pricing and rethinking the processes and policies to make every moment with a customer an opportunity for genuine interaction. Cox will also help by inspiring people to reflect on how they use technology to connect in a more meaningful way.

"This will be a journey, but we want our products and employees to be advocates of real connections, not just connectivity," continued Greatrex.

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