Broadway Street Improvement Project - Traffic Update

UPDATE 4/16/2018

Downtown is open for business!

Traffic Flow - Phase 2

As the project downtown continues to progress, please watch for changes in traffic flow. 


The Broadway Street improvements project will be reaching substantial completion by the end of April.  At this point the only items left to be completed will be the fogsealing of the roadway and the final striping.  In order for the fogseal process to take place it has to be dry and the temperature needs to be 50° and rising.


 Unfortunately, these weather conditions will not occur this coming weekend which forces the City to delay this work until the first Sunday after the Dogwood Festival that meets these conditions.  The City could do this work during the middle of the week to complete the project sooner, however this would require for Broadway St. to completely be closed down for at least 8 hours during a weekday.  The City did not want to place this additional inconvenience on downtown business owners so it is electing to delay the work.  Once a final date has been selected for the work it will be advertised in advance to give as much notice as possible.

The Broadway Street downtown project is nearing completion. We know there will be some inconveniences during this construction. Don’t worry though, downtown businesses are open!

Once completed, Broadway Street will:

  • Be more pedestrian friendly
  • Continue to be a destination for shopping and eating with features that encourage customers to spend more time downtown
  • Contain ecologically friendly features including rain gardens and landscaping
  • Display public art as an additional attraction
  • Have angled parking on both sides


The downtown improvement project ideas came about through the Siloam Springs Downtown and Connectivity Master Plan, a document lead and presented by Main Street Siloam Springs. Hundreds of community members participated in multiple public meetings, brainstorming sessions and design discussions. The final plan was approved by the City of Siloam Springs Board of Directors August 19, 2014.


Steps have been completed to implement the Siloam Springs Downtown and Connectivity Master Plan including the installation of public bike racks, mural and public art installations, the Mt. Olive road diet, the development of the Library Parks and the current downtown Broadway construction project.


Customers and downtown visitors will be able to continue to frequent open businesses. We encourage you to park along Maxwell Street or in the available parking lots near the Hoffman Building, the Community Building or the Arvest owned parking lot at Ashley and Mt. Olive. Many spaces will be open on Broadway and University as long as traffic flow cones are not in marked spots.



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