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The City of Siloam Springs is expecting intermittent street and lane closures for construction of the bike lane project from November 13th- November 20th.


Construction will involve closing:

  • Mount Olive/Jefferson Intersection on November 13th.  
  • Carl/Harvard Intersection and moving east on Harvard on November 14th
  • Harvard (from Carl – Elm), Elm (from Harvard – Jefferson), and Jefferson (from Elm – Mt. Olive)on November 15th
  • Jefferson (from Mt. Olive – Maxwell), and Maxwell (from Jefferson to Main) on November 16th

Dates listed are weather dependent.  If there are delays in work, the dates will shift to November 19 & 20 for completion of the project. Residents are asked to follow posted detours signs to be directed around work zones. 


BikeNWA is partnering with the City of Siloam Springs and Lane Shift to implement a pilot project consisting of a Neighborhood Greenway that connects downtown Siloam Springs to the Dogwood Springs Walking Path west of South Carl Street.


Overall Goals:

  • Reduce cut-through traffic using speed humps and tables.
  • Provide safer connection for people riding bikes and walking.
  • Reduce auto speeds using chicanes and speed humps/tables.
  • Help people walking cross the street via marking of crosswalks.
  • Guide people on the route using markings on the pavement & signage.
  • Provide more "eyes on the street" by encouraging walking and biking to create a safer neighborhood.

Project Overview:

  • Pilot projects are a “test before you invest” approach to delivering low-budget, site-specific, rapid-turnaround, and community guided solutions for creating safer connections between key destinations.
  • A neighborhood greenway is a residential street with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where bicycles and pedestrians are given priority. To achieve this, several types of materials are used including shared-lane markings, or “sharrows”, signage, chicanes, and speed humps/tables. Neighborhood greenways are in use across the United States.
  • Slowing the speeds of automobiles is important! When a person is hit by a car traveling 40 mph there is a 31% chance that he/she will be killed. If the car is traveling 15 mph then this drops to 4%.


  • The installation will occur November 5- 9, 2018 and we invite you to come out and volunteer to create a safer street.
  • The pilot will be utilizing existing roadway for 12 months to gain insight on the effect of the neighborhood greenway with little cost to the City.
  • After 12 months the City will evaluate the project and determine its permanency.


  • Shared Lane Markings or “Sharrows”
    • Road markings used to reinforce the legitimacy of bicycle traffic on the street
    • Help with directional and wayfinding guidance
  • Chicanes
    • Are offset curb extensions or islands that create a chicane effect that discourages speeding
    • Increase the amount of public space that makes a street more conducive for walking and bicycling
  • Speed Humps/Tables
    • Are not speed bumps, they allow autos to pass over at reduced speed without jarring
    • Encourage people driving cars to slow down to 15-20 mph at each hump table and 25 to 30 mph between spaced humps/tables in a system

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