To the residents of Siloam Springs,

It has been confirmed by the National Weather Service in Tulsa that two (2) tornadoes hit near Siloam Springs, and straight-line winds hit 80-85 miles per hour through the City early Monday morning. One tornado his at 12:05 a.m. about four (4) miles southwest of Siloam Springs in Adair County, Oklahoma and a second one hit at 12:08 a.m. two (2) miles southeast of Siloam Springs. We are extremely grateful that no major injuries occurred.

It is now clear that we (city staff) failed the residents of Siloam Springs by not sounding the sirens earlier. We did not have the right people in the right place at the right time to make the correct decision. It is my promise to the residents of Siloam Springs that this will not happen again. We will revise our policies and procedures and will ensure that the appropriate staff have the proper training.

In addition, we have been working to repair the two non-functioning sirens. These are older pieces of equipment and obtaining parts has become a challenge. We will fix them as quickly as we can.

Regarding the accusations that the City has deleted comments from our Facebook pages, staff has confirmed that, to date, no comments have been deleted by city staff with respect to our storm operations. Our Facebook policy does currently state that the City reserves the right to delete comments that contain vulgar language or personal attacks, and those that are blatantly offensive, prejudicial towards any ethnic, racial or religious group, promoting the sales of goods or services, promoting non-city sponsored events, clearly off-topic, promoting illegal activities, promoting political organizations, or infringing upon copyrights or trademarks. Comments criticizing the City organization, the City as a whole, or the City’s operation are not and have not been deleted. It should be noted that Facebook does allow individuals to post and delete their own comments. If anyone believes that their comments have been deleted by the City they are welcome and encouraged to contact me and speak personally with me at city hall.

City Administrator Phillip Patterson


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