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  1. Category: (Venues)

    Created on 07 March 2009
  2. Category: (Event categories)

    Created on
  3. Category: (Category)

          photos by Steve Garufi
    Created on 30 November -0001
  4. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... r several years. Our community is on the verge of losing an amazing arts organization and tremendous asset to our city. Closing The Rep will have a devastating impact on the redevelopment of Main Stre ...
    Created on 25 April 2018
  5. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... occur this coming weekend which forces the City to delay this work until the first Sunday after the Dogwood Festival that meets these conditions.  The City could do this work during the middle of ...
    Created on 18 April 2018
  6. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... retail sales, restaurant sales and services. Non-residents who come to Siloam Springs to shop pay a share of the existing 5/8 tax. The City paid off the bonds for the previous $20 million debt for the ...
    Created on 18 April 2018
  7. Category: (Oklahoma News Stories)

    ... Delaware County. A precinct official may hold no other offices under the laws of the state (such as a school board member or city councilman.) A precinct official may not be related to or employed by a ...
    Created on 05 April 2018
  8. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... ce Outdoor Products Ring Guys, The Ron's Dimensions Sam's Club  Sewing Machine, The Sheila Richard (Me Me's Kitchen) Shoe Sensation Siloam Springs Seventh Day Adventist Church Silver City USA Slime ...
    Created on 04 April 2018
  9. Category: (Oklahoma News Stories)

    ... Election Board in Oklahoma City. Candidates for county offices file with the Secretary of the County Election Board.   Smith said that the following county offices will be filled this year:   ...
    Created on 26 March 2018
  10. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... open every Saturday through October 13th. Our market is located in City Park in beautiful, historic downtown Siloam Springs. Opening day will feature our first Kids Day for the season with free activities ...
    Created on 25 March 2018
  11. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

        The City of Siloam Springs presented a survey to the public last September and have been published.  Click here to view the results.        ...
    Created on 01 March 2018
  12. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

      City News 2/23/18   We need your help in naming the trails and area around City Lake. For your reference, take a look at the map for trail locations. We'll be using multiple name suggestion ...
    Created on 25 February 2018
  13. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... discussions. The final plan was approved by the City of Siloam Springs Board of Directors August 19, 2014. Steps have been completed to implement the Siloam Springs Downtown and Connectivity Master ...
    Created on 13 February 2018
  14. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... Church where Dr. Harp volunteers with the Awana program. A graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Harp completed her residency with the Tahlequah City Hospital Family ...
    Created on 02 February 2018
  15. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

      DATE: January 24th, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Captain Derek Spicer Siloam Springs Police Department City of Siloam Springs (479) 524-4118   On January 23rd, 2018, information ...
    Created on 25 January 2018
  16. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

      PRESS RELEASE January 2, 2018 Siloam Springs Museum The Siloam Springs Museum board of directors and staff are pleased to announce the recent approval of $371,000 in funding from the City of ...
    Created on 09 January 2018
  17. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    ... closures and their resulting traffic pattern changes will be posted on the City website and Facebook page. Please allow extra time in your schedule when traveling downtown during construction. While ...
    Created on 07 January 2018
  18. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

    City News 1/2/18 The special general election for the At-Large position for the City of Siloam Springs Board of Directors is scheduled for January 9thbetween Reid Carroll and Karl Mounger. ...
    Created on 03 January 2018
  19. Category: (Boomers Only)

    ... ;   For city kids the street was your playground    1948 Los Angeles street car chaos    Irish Schoolboys get their Dose of Castor Oil &nbs ...
    Created on 27 December 2017
  20. Category: (Local And Area News - Text)

      City News 12/13/17 Karl Mounger and Reid Carroll will be on the ballot for the At-Large position for the Board of Directors. Early voting begins January 2. As there was no clear winner ...
    Created on 15 December 2017
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