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Thursday, April 7, 2016 (Siloam Springs, Ark.)

IRS scam copyThe Siloam Springs Police Department has received several calls regarding an IRS lawsuit scam. While the Criminal Investigation Detachment is happy to speak with those who have received phone calls such as this, residents can report these complaints directly to the FBI via the website.

“Most of these calls originate out of the country, where the Siloam Springs Police Department doesn’t have jurisdiction, says Detective Sergeant and Criminal Investigation Detachment Supervisor Scott Miller. “While residents might see a local or regional incoming call, these calls are initiated from an international location”.

The IRS lawsuit call is being reported frequently in Siloam Springs. Please know that the IRS WILL NOT contact you via phone asking for money. If you receive a call saying the IRS is suing you, hang up the phone. Scammers are using phone spoofing to create a fake IRS caller ID. Many times these callers already have your last four of your social security number, suggesting legitimacy. Again, this is a SCAM and the IRS will not call you.

From the Siloam Springs Police Department website:

Avoid Internet, Mail and Phone Scams with these Tips

Computer, telephone and mail fraud is a serious issue. They are difficult to investigate and often come from sources outside of the State or even the country.  Residents of Siloam Spring may receive offers or contacts on the phone, via the mail or on the internet promising them lucrative opportunities to make money, or asking their aid for a missing loved one. If you live in the City of Siloam Springs and believe you may be a victim of a fraud scheme, we ask you to contact us. If it appears the contact was fraudulent, we will complete a crime report for you and investigate the offense if it occurred within our jurisdiction.  If on the other hand, the crime was initiated outside the United States, or in another jurisdiction, we will complete an information report and forward it. Residents are also urged to go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internet Crime Complaint Center, known as IC3, to report possible crimes, or getinformation on the latest scams.  





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