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Siloam Springs Regional Hospital shattered its previous monthly record of births with the announcement of 78 babies born in the month of August 2016. The previous record was 62 babies in one month. This comes on the heels of the 2014 record-breaking year for births at SSRH where 629 babies were born.

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According to Women's and Children's Unit Director Loretta Jordan, Registered Nurse, SSRH is already on track to beat the 2015 birth count. "At the end of August, we saw a 7 percent increase compared to last year," Jordan said. "So, we're definitely on the road to surpassing our 2015 numbers and maybe even breaking our year-end record back in 2014."

One of the major factors in achieving the record-breaking numbers is Dr. Chad Hill, Dr. S. Kyle Thompson, Dr. Natalie Eiland and the dedicated staff at SSRH.

"Dr. Hill has more than 18 years of experience delivering babies in Siloam Springs," Jordan said. "Dr. Thompson started in the area in 2012 and now Dr. Eiland recently returned to the area to join Siloam Springs Women's Center. The number of deliveries keep increasing in our department and we are very appreciative of their efforts along with the compassion and dedication of everyone in the Women's and Children's Unit."

According to data from Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce, business expansions in 2015 and a projected increase of more than 1,000 people in the Siloam Springs area for 2017 could mean more and more newborns at SSRH. Given the median age of 30.9 in Siloam Springs, a baby boom could be expected in the coming years in close correlation with the overall growth of the area.
"The Women's and Children's Unit is also having a lot of success with a new item designed to help mothers have an easier delivery," Jordan said. "Birthing balls are a popular tool for mothers in labor. And the peanut-shaped pillow versions that we've purchased really help women's muscles during childbirth in addition to decreasing the need for C-section rates." This simple new technique is yielding positive results and is becoming a common recommendation.

As a celebratory tribute to honor mothers after the hard work of labor and delivery, Siloam Springs Regional Hospital provides a special gourmet meal prior to discharge. A chef specially prepares a meal for two from a special menu that includes choices of steak, chicken cordon bleu or vegetarian pasta with cheese complete with accompanying side dishes and dessert options.

"It's our special way of saying congratulations to the new parents," Jordan said. "With the increase in births at SSRH, we just want everyone to know how much we appreciate the new mothers and their families choosing our hospital to welcome their new baby into the world."


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