Friendship Community Care is happy to announce the opening of the Friendship Adult Day Program - Siloam Springs. 

This program is designed for adult  individuals:

  • diagnosed  as developmentally/intellectually challenged
  • age 18 -21 with a diploma or certificate of completion from high school
  • or age 21 and older 





The program is located at 300 E. Main St.  (We are using the Ability Tree facility during daytime hours) Siloam Springs, AR 72761.

Program Hours:   Monday - Friday  7:30 - 4:00pm

Program provides:

  •  Educational Skills
  •  Living and Social Skills
  •  Outings
  •  Physical Fitness

Transportation is not offered at this time but is in consideration based on need. Medicaid Funded

For more information, contact Rita @ 479-518-3598 or Audrey @ 479-857-6683

Back in early fall, FCC conducted a research forum of parents of adults, or soon to be adults, with developmental disabilities.  The purpose was to hear directly from them on what they wanted, needed and how they would want the service(s) provided.   The need for Adult services in the western side of the county has been brought to our attention for several years as there is currently no other community provider in the area.  Parents were very vocal in they wanted services provided in their home town where their friends and family lived rather than transported to the larger city centers.   Parents also verbalized the need for relief for families where both parents worked and there was no other type of relief or assistance in the community.  There is also a significant number of special-needs youth and school age children growing up in the greater Siloam Springs area that will need services once they graduate high school.   Many parents stated they needed help navigating the DDS system of information and care to establish what services are or would be available for their child once out of high school. 

Friendship Community Care, Inc. was established in 1972 and is one of the largest statewide systems of care for both children and adults navigating life with a disability.  Adult systems of care have been offered in the River Valley, Central Arkansas and North Central Arkansas for many years.  We have operated in the northwest Arkansas region for a little over eight years and have pediatric locations in Siloam Springs, West Fork and Lowell, AR., and an adult services office for in-home waiver supports in Fayetteville. 

Friendship Community Care, Inc. is CARF accredited and received the "Non-Profit Business of the Year" from the Arkansas Business Association in 2009.



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